Catch the Light Hire

Catch The Light Hire

Catch the Light Hire game is a fast-paced high energy interactive game for 2 players. A table mounted game where players aim to hit the illuminated lights as quick as they can with their scores displayed on the digital LED timer. Based on the same principle as the upright Batak, only here players play at waist height.

A game of skill as well as speed as if they hit a light that is not illuminated, they lose a point. Do you go gung ho and hit as many lights as you can in the given time period? Or do you take the measured approach and ensure you only hit the lights that are illuminated? A fast paced game that involves a great deal of strategy. Catch the Light hire is a hi octane game that is perfect for bringing the competitive edge to all events.

Catch the Light is a visually attractive looking interactive game. It will always attract attention at all events. As spectators watch the players tapping away furiously and their scores increasing at an alarming rate, they will be itching to have a go. It looks so easy from afar. It certainly is a different matter when it is you under pressure to make sure you hit the lit lights. Catch the Light Hire is a fast paced game where players are always returning for another attempt.

We are able to brand the unit in house, with our bespoke branding service. We can deliver the Catch the Light game, fully branded and ready to go at your next event. Please contact our team of advisors to discuss your branding requirements.

Catch the Light Hire is perfect for interactive exhibition stands and promotional events. Requiring only a small footprint, it is always a great attention grabber for all stands. Catch the Light is one of our most popular interactive games along with the Neuron Racer, Batak Lite, The Vault and the Cash Cube. All are perfect games that will really embrace participation from all your guests. Great fun for all events.

Catch the Light is perfect entertainment for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate parties, University parties, exhibition stands and all promotional and marketing activations. It is a high energy, interactive game that is brilliant entertainment for players of all ages.

We can supply Catch the Light Hire nationwide and across Europe. Please contact us to discuss your Catch the Light game requirements.


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