Batak Pro Hire


Batak hire is one of the most popular interactive and exhibition games that we supply. The batak is the ultimate reaction game of hand eye coordination. Visually attractive constructed of a polished stainless steel, the Batak is an upright game that attracts large amounts of interest at all kinds of events. The batak units are made for branding and look event better with one of our own bespoke branded backboards displaying your companies branding. The Batak Pro is a great and versatile interactive game perfect for all events, especially new product launches and promotional activities.

Batak Hire
Batak Pro

There are two popular batak games available on the market. The Batak Pro, and the smaller Batak Lite. The Batak Pro is an impressive 2 metres high by 2.1 metres wide whilst the Lite is the smaller version standing 1.75 metres high and 1.15 metres wide. Both are extremely popular and space permitting they are both the perfect attraction for your next event.

Batak Lite Hire
Batak Lite

The aim of the game is simple. 12 bright white LED targets illuminate in a random manner. As soon as one target is struck another one lights up. The aim of the game is to get as many hits as you can in the given time period. The machines have an LED timer and LED display recording the amount of hits each player gets. It is a true challenge of hand eye coordination and positioning yourself far enough to see, yet close enough to strike the targets.


The batak games supply in game audio. Once the unit says ‘Get Ready’ the first light will light up it is then a race for yourselves against the clock and the lights. Are you brave enough to take the batak challenge and try to get to the top of the leader board?

Batak Reaction Game Hire

Have been supplying the nation with back hire for over 20 years. The Batak Pro is probably our most popular interactive game. Perfect for encouraging activity at health and well-being days. It is a quick-fire game that really encourages activity and player involvement. Any Batak at an event always attracts large crowds and lots of participation. It is highly addictive and all of your guests will return time and time again to take the batak challenge.

Batak Lite

The batak is a perfect tool for branding. We are the market leaders in supplying branded backboards and were indeed the first people to do so. We can supply the full package including the branded backboards and deliver them ready to go at your next event. We have a template for your designers to supply the artwork, and we will print the boards and deliver them along with the units for installation by our team. The branded boards for the bataks really enforce brand awareness. We can print any designs that you’re designer’s supply to us including key phrases but words and company logos.

Branded Leaderboard
Branded Leaderboard

As standard,  we always supply the Batak with a Top Gear style magnetic strip leader board. The leader boards are able to be branded and are always a great addition to any event. The highest scores are shown and the crowd can visibly see what the target to win is.

Branded Leader Board

We have supplied Batak units throughout the nationwide and across Europe on many occasions. We are the leading suppliers of Batak Pro hire with more units in stock than any of our competitors. We can supply the Batak units for one day events, multiple day exhibitions and for long period roadshow’s. A branded Batak makes a real exciting and engaging promotional game. Why not hire the batak for your next event to really engage and encourage participation from all of your guests.

Batak Pro Wall Mounted

For long term events and activations, and to maximise space on your stand the Batak units can be wall mounted. We can work in tandem with your stand suppliers to give them the full dimension template and explain how the wall mounting works. Our experienced delivery team can also assist in the installation of the wall mounted bataks, alongside your stand builders.

Batak Exhibition Game Hire

The batak hire is a perfect standalone item, or is great when supplied with our other interactive games such as the Neuron racer, the Vault game and Cash Cube hire. All will ensure your next event goes with a hit. Please contact our team of advisors to discuss your next batak hire requirements.

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